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Bear Sighting? Notify F&W Department and Conservation Commission

Bear visitation season has begun! So it's time to take down your bird feeders, tighten up your storage of trash, pet food and compost, and protect your chickens and beehives etc.

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department asks Vermonters to submit reports of bears engaging in potentially dangerous behavior like targeting bird feeders or garbage bins, feeding on crops or livestock, or investigating campgrounds or residential areas through this website:

You can read more about bear ecology, and the ways to minimize human impacts as we share their habitat, on this F&W Dept. webpage:

If you have immediate concerns about an encounter with an aggressive bear, contact the F&W game warden for Ferrisburgh, Dale Whitlock at 802-777-6269.

The Ferrisburgh Conservation Commission is again this year keeping a tally of bear sightings and activity, so please let us know by notifying CC member Barry Estabrook at, or call him at 802-877-3954; please include the closest 911 street address of the sighting - and photos or videos would be great!

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